The Brag Goes On…

Okay.  I’ve gotten a lot of sleep over the last few days and treated myself to a massage and a pedicure.  I even did my hair today.  I dare say I may be human again after all.

So I’ll continue.

The other friend that moved away – far away – Hong Kong Away – is Tracy.  (Tracy is one of the handful of people who told me to blog more in as many days – so consider this gush part of your punishment -xoxo )

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On Tour: Mission Bells

So on July 11th I got a phone call from Thomas Pridgen referring me to a band called Mission Bells.  They would be coming along as opening support for The Memorials nation-wide tour.  I met with Micah later that evening and we talked through the tunes and the tour and all the logistics – seemed like it would be a pretty good fit, and strangely enough it landed right in the middle of a big open spot in my calendar between all my other traveling gigs.  The only part that would be tricky was that I already was leaving for the Bask Music Festival in Russian River – so that meant two rehearsals with the new band before I left for 5 days, then four rehearsals before our opening show.  At the time that seemed like a huge undertaking – but in truth by the second rehearsal after my return from the River I pretty much had the stuff down.

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Sit Kitty Sit

…meanwhile, while mr. F pours shots in the kitchen…

I would be lying if I said the last two weeks have not been a bit crazy-go-nuts.

Sit Kitty Sit is going to SXSW (eeeek!!!!!) – we’re traveling along with Tokyo Raid, and crashing DIY -style at a friends place in Austin.  The whole thing happened kind of last minute and I’m still all in a whirl about it – we are still in the full- flurry of having just released an album, and now there are so many MORE arrangements to make, so many behind-the-scenes lists of things that need to be addressed, so many bands to go see…where do I start??  Like a candy store.  I won’t sleep the whole time I’m there, I’m sure.  I will come home dripping in that stinky stuff we call inspiration.

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Humble Pie



So I was super-excited starting in on the part-time work force last week.  I have a 20 hour a week position with a new up-start company that’s really low key and fun.  Mr. F had recently gotten in at a really great catering company and spoke so highly of it, I figured… why not?  I’ve got event experience and I don’t mind serving hors d’oeuvres, so I signed up as well.  I figured it would be good to have the option to pick up extra work here and there if I need to.

I worked my first catering event last night – and while, as I said, I have no issues serving people, I DO have issues with this:



So let me tell you.  I had a real “oh, how the mighty have fallen” moment when they pulled these shirts out.  I had been okay with being a cater-waiter after being a high level sales person for so many years. I had sort of been looking forward to wearing my new cute tie.  I had even made a special run downtown to have a vest as according to the dress code listed for the event.

And then THIS happened.  And let me tell you – this shirt is ridiculously tight on me. It may as well have been a sports bra. AND I had to wear my white dress shirt UNDER it, because we can’t let tattoos show. Oh yes, my friends.  I was a hottie.

The Oktoberfest theme of the evening was especially highlighted for me, as with my extreme t-shirt wearing and the blond hair oh so many of the inebriated guests enjoyed pointing out how “authentic” I looked.  “You really look German!” “um, thank you?” “That shirt is awesome!”  “is it?”

Humble pie, folks.  Humble pie.

Mr. F was working at another event and finished up before me – drove over and was waiting outside to pick me up when I headed down the stairs.  I still had the shirt on – he started laughing before I even got 20 feet from him.

It’s worth it though, right?  If I do that part time to do music full time?

I think it is… but barely.

Taking a Leap

Today is the day. After months of talking and planning and praying, mediating and figuring things out with Mr. F – here we are.

The plan is to get me down to part time work so that I can focus on music full time. But that required one very important tool – a car.

We were saving up, searching, even got as far as making an offer on a car, but it didn’t pan out. Seems so easy- getting car. But for two working artists that is much easier said than done.

Then a phone call that changed things. A dear dear friend of mine had decided to move overseas for a few years, and would we do her the favor of buying her car??

For real?

And today is the day. I’m sitting in the DMV waiting my turn to transfer the title hoping that expressing my joy doesn’t somehow jinx the situation because this little piece of paper is a small window to artistic freedom. The first step of many. The step that continues the journey.

I cannot express my gratitude to my friend enough. Nothing I can say can match the feeling in my chest.

Thank you thank you thank you.



I woke up with a cold on Sunday, which is of course slowing down my “big plan”.  *sigh* – the universe always has different plans than you do.

But – I did order my first piano tuning book and a set of tools both of which should be here by the end of this week!  That means I’ll be tuning my piano by the weekend!!

I’m excited to do something new and different, but at the same time it’s terrifying. I’m looking forward to actually getting “hands on” with my big change – I am hoping that it will be a very grounding experience and help me tell if I’m on the right path.  If nothing else, it would be an interesting hobby – but of course I’m hoping it will be much more than that.

Darling Mr. F keeps talking to me about “faith” and “taking the leap” and our crazy artist-life.  But I’m a worrier.  I wish I wasn’t, but I am.  I’m hoping someday I won’t be – but that day is not today.

Maybe tomorrow!