Notre Dame Et Moi

Mike texted me this morning and told me that Notre Dame was on fire.

I’ve been working the last week on a hard deadline (you’ll see the big announcement on Wednesday) so I took one moment from what I was doing to pull up a fresh browser window.

I don’t know what I expected.  But not that.

My throat did that thing when I’m going to cry.  I instantly shut it down.

“No time to feel this”, I said to myself.  “Have to finish work.  Have to teach.  We will feel this tonight.”


Now it’s tonight.  I’m safely home. All duties completed.  I can sit here with a dark glass of red wine and feel every last bit of this.

Here is my story about Notre Dame.

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Sparrows Point

The second band I was ever in was a Theatrical Heavy Metal band.

You heard me.

I was still totally new to playing rock.  To gain experience I had decided to just say yes to everything that came my way and try out as many things as I could until my calendar just wouldn’t allow room.  Thusly, when I got the phone call from Margrit saying this band needed a sub for an important show down in L.A. I said “sure, why not?”

Enter Sparrows Point.

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How I Learned to Let Go

I find myself sitting here at the close of the year feeling a little more empty than I expected. It’s not an entirely unpleasant feeling. I know part of that was losing my orange cat-buddy, Colin, very suddenly in mid-October.  Part of it is that I physically downsized my personal belongings a lot over the last year.  But the biggest part of that emptiness is the space left open from the old fears and emotional weight I’ve decided to (finally) let go.

Letting go has been challenging for me for – well, forever.

I’m a double Virgo (control freak) so the fact that I couldn’t just grasp the concept and immediately move on drove me nuts.  That is why I’ve been working on this concept, in particular, this past year.

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