Musicians on Vacation

It’s an ongoing issue.  

“Technically” I’m on vacation.  Technically I’m sitting in a pub in England writing this blog.  But it’s not really a vacation.  The only difference is I don’t have students for two weeks.  And I’m in England.  

Is it really a vacation?  

In two weeks time, I have co-written 4 4-hand piano duets and one 4-part choral piece. Unto myself, I’ve also written another 4-hand piano duet, 2 blogs, and the beginning of 3 poems. I’ve learned 2 pre-existing duets (well, one and a half. The Dvorak is really difficult and I’d rather study it and do it justice than try and pound it out really quickly.) Reading-wise I’m on my third book since I left.  And there’s more.

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I Am

I am an incorrigible daydreamer in designer shoes
I wonder if I’ll ever get better at spelling
I hear the fluxy-future constantly changing its mind
I see a million empty pages to fill
I want more time, more time, more time
I am an incorrigible daydreamer in designer shoes

I pretend not to notice absolutely everything
I feel the constant pressure of p-p-potential
I touch the web, the strands, the people, the heart song
I worry I will miss a step and fall, fall, fall
I cry because I’m overwhelmed, over-feelinged, and I’ve run out of real words
I am an incorrigible daydreamer in designer shoes

I understand what it means to let go
I say my secrets out loud in encoded songs
I dream about days when things will be effortless
I try to remember all of the places and names
I hope that there is meaning even when I can’t see it
I am an incorrigible daydreamer in designer shoes

Copyright 2018 Kat Downs

Behind the Song: Tidal Wave

When it comes to songwriting it’s pretty common for me to write a song and not really know what it’s about for a while.  Sometimes years.  Recently I  found myself humming a melody over and over.  It took me a few days to realize that it was actually an old one of MY songs – Tidal Wave.  When I realized it – I had kind of an “ah-ha” moment.

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Day One

what would happen
if I let go
of “woman”
of breasts and fear and rings and bills

what if I let go

of love and hope and future and vows
what if I let go
of degrees and dances and late nights and exams

what if I
let go

of skinned knees and snowflakes and picnics and broken hearts

and the place with the trees and the lake
and the haunting cry of the loon

what if I let go

of pajamas with feet, my beakie
and the smell of me and my brother
snuggled in a nest
the creak of my crib mattress
and the rocking of the chair
that lulled me to sleep

what if I let go of “what if”

if I erased

classrooms, lovers, hardwood floors, Advent services
piano lessons
overhead projectors
chastity, virginity, and the holy ghost
purple carpet
white drapes
lilac bushes
acolyte robes
fresh cut grass

If “I” disappeared

and started over. again.



on day one

who would I chose to be

over who I was made to be