Your Name in a Song

If you follow me on any form of social media you already know I’m running a special offer on my Patreon page – join my Patreon family by April 30th and get your name in a song.  (Yay!)  But I wanted to talk a little bit about where the inspiration for this challenge came from.

I flipping love writing challenges.  So. Much.  When it comes to writing music on any given day it’s “anything is possible” – which a lot of times makes it feel too easy.  I can slap any chords together and make up some words and boom – song.  Doesn’t mean it will be good – but there it is.

I ADORE when I’m given limits to work inside of.  In some cases, I feel like it’s my best work.  Forcing myself to fit inside very specific parameters forces me to problem solve.  That’s when I feel my most creative.

Songs like “Burst”, “Life Number 6”, and “What Doesn’t Kill You”  were all born from parameters like that.

When I decided to make the leap to Full-Time Patreon (thank you, Exquisite Patrons!) I wanted to do something extra special to celebrate – giving brand new Exquisite Patrons something to mark the occasion.  I went back and forth with a couple of different ideas (which I’m hanging on to for future projects!) but finally decided on songwriting – my forte and what my Patrons seem to enjoy the most.  And what’s more special than something with your name on it?  Or better yet – IN it?

I have a few vague ideas on how to pull this off but I really can’t make any decisions or even dive in until I know how many names I’m working with.  And for me – that’s a big part of the fun!!

Currently we’re at 84 names and counting!  Eeek!  And Yaaay!

You can get your name in a song too – join me at by April 30th.  Besides getting your name in a song you have instant access to the past THREE YEARS worth of content,  you get to help me keep making new music, blogs, poetry and everything else, AND you’ll continue to get new special content moving forward.

Phew!  That’s a lot of stuff.

xoxoxox -Kat

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