I Am

I am an incorrigible daydreamer in designer shoes
I wonder if I’ll ever get better at spelling
I hear the fluxy-future constantly changing its mind
I see a million empty pages to fill
I want more time, more time, more time
I am an incorrigible daydreamer in designer shoes

I pretend not to notice absolutely everything
I feel the constant pressure of p-p-potential
I touch the web, the strands, the people, the heart song
I worry I will miss a step and fall, fall, fall
I cry because I’m overwhelmed, over-feelinged, and I’ve run out of real words
I am an incorrigible daydreamer in designer shoes

I understand what it means to let go
I say my secrets out loud in encoded songs
I dream about days when things will be effortless
I try to remember all of the places and names
I hope that there is meaning even when I can’t see it
I am an incorrigible daydreamer in designer shoes

Copyright 2018 Kat Downs

Behind the Song: Tidal Wave

When it comes to songwriting it’s pretty common for me to write a song and not really know what it’s about for a while.  Sometimes years.  Recently I  found myself humming a melody over and over.  It took me a few days to realize that it was actually an old one of MY songs – Tidal Wave.  When I realized it – I had kind of an “ah-ha” moment.

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Notre Dame Et Moi

Mike texted me this morning and told me that Notre Dame was on fire.

I’ve been working the last week on a hard deadline (you’ll see the big announcement on Wednesday) so I took one moment from what I was doing to pull up a fresh browser window.

I don’t know what I expected.  But not that.

My throat did that thing when I’m going to cry.  I instantly shut it down.

“No time to feel this”, I said to myself.  “Have to finish work.  Have to teach.  We will feel this tonight.”


Now it’s tonight.  I’m safely home. All duties completed.  I can sit here with a dark glass of red wine and feel every last bit of this.

Here is my story about Notre Dame.

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Kat Downs

Answer the Damn Call

A common question I get asked in interviews is “What made you choose to be a musician?”

I almost always start laughing.  CHOOSE to be a musician? I didn’t CHOOSE to be a musician.  Who would ever do this to themselves?  In fact, I’ve quit being a musician five times I can think of and I’m sure there were more than that.  I consider quitting at least once every couple of weeks to this day.

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