Kat Downs – One of Many (Official Video)

Sit Kitty Sit – Burst (Official Video)

Sit Kitty Sit – Paper Doll (Official Video)

Kat Downs – The War

Sit Kitty Sit – Tidal Wave (Lyric Video)

Sit Kitty Sit – Blood & Bones (Official Video)

Sit Kitty Sit – Ditch. (Official Video)

Sit Kitty Sit – Creeping (Official Video)

Sit Kitty Sit – Birmingham (Official Video)

Sit Kitty Sit – Purge (Official Video)

Sit Kitty Sit – Beloved (Official Video)

Kat Downs Live at Yoshi’s San Francisco

Sit Kitty Sit – “Raven” from The Push (2010)

Kat Downs – “Gypsy” from Head of Revelations (2005)

Saints of Ruin – “Glampyre” from Glampyre (2011)

Kat Downs – “Water Stain” from Dark Diary (unreleased)

Saints of Ruin – “Ashes” from Nightmare (2010)

Kat Downs – “October 19, 2007” from Dark Diary (unreleased)

Kat Downs – “With the Ocean, March 26, 2005” (unreleased)

Kat Downs – “Beautiful Lies” from Dark Diary (unreleased)


One comment

  1. Kat, hey there songwriter chick! ‘Tis I Mark (CoCoSngwrt’s club or guild or whatever we were that was pretty cool) – you’re tunage is uckin fawesome!! Particulary Ashes and Water Stain. Still have more to check out and I will – Why ain’t you famous yet ? Really nailed it. Toodles.
    Mark of Going Some Place / CoCo Sngwrt’s compendium?.


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