One of Many

I am so in love with this song.  (Am I allowed to say that?) I wrote it very soon after the Presidential election in 2016.  It was one of those songs that came out very quickly – the whole thing probably wrote itself in like 15 minutes.

I recorded it quickly – which still took a few weeks.  And then life happened, and then I sort of forgot about it because I was trying to finish writing Sit Kitty Sit’s album “Tectonic” because our studio date was fast approaching.

But the time is finally ripe for me to launch a secondary solo-project alongside Sit Kitty Sit.  I’ve wanted to do this for AGES and thanks to my amazing Patrons on Patreon I’m finally able to have the time to do it.  One of Many seemed like the perfect song – the atmosphere in the USA seems to need a little hope – so I’m doing my best to help.  Don’t forget to vote on November 6th!


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