…meanwhile, while mr. F pours shots in the kitchen…

I would be lying if I said the last two weeks have not been a bit crazy-go-nuts.

Sit Kitty Sit is going to SXSW (eeeek!!!!!) – we’re traveling along with Tokyo Raid, and crashing DIY -style at a friends place in Austin.  The whole thing happened kind of last minute and I’m still all in a whirl about it – we are still in the full- flurry of having just released an album, and now there are so many MORE arrangements to make, so many behind-the-scenes lists of things that need to be addressed, so many bands to go see…where do I start??  Like a candy store.  I won’t sleep the whole time I’m there, I’m sure.  I will come home dripping in that stinky stuff we call inspiration.

Have some great gigs lined up, and waiting to hear back about a couple more – that’s the other part… the waiting!   Waiting to hear back.  Waiting for load in details.  Waiting (anxiously) for it to be near enough to the trip to get my color touched up – man I cannot WAIT for Wednesday – bye bye roots!  I need to take advantage of those little pleasures now, as I’ll be traveling into Texas with a pack of 4 rowdy boys and I’m sure quality bathroom time will be limited.  I thank my time in college where I was the “Kween” of a non-greek fraternity for my MacGyver-like skills at getting club-level-hot in under 20 minutes.

And while the kitten races around the house, and calls are placed to get a toilet fixed, and Mr. F pours shots in the kitchen, I’ve been cleaning out my old piles of tunes.  Looking for some inspiration from the past and maybe refreshing some older songs I haven’t played in a while.  I have three new ones in the hopper, but you know how songs go – they never write themselves as quickly as you want them to.   Now that the new SKS album is all up and live and happy (and WONDERFUL – have you heard it yet?? Is up on iTunes.  Go listen) I want to get back to working on “Dark Diary” – who sadly got put on hold when Mike and I realized we were on to something with this whole classical/rock thing almost 2 YEARS ago … and look where THAT got us (going to SXSW is where it got us!!! Eeeeeeeekk!!)

In honor of that long-dormant solo project, I give to you a BRILLIANT video created and directed by my dear friend Caius, based on one of the spoken journal entries from the yet unreleased “Dark Diary” album.  Enjoy – and as always, thank you for listening!



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