I woke up with a cold on Sunday, which is of course slowing down my “big plan”.  *sigh* – the universe always has different plans than you do.

But – I did order my first piano tuning book and a set of tools both of which should be here by the end of this week!  That means I’ll be tuning my piano by the weekend!!

I’m excited to do something new and different, but at the same time it’s terrifying. I’m looking forward to actually getting “hands on” with my big change – I am hoping that it will be a very grounding experience and help me tell if I’m on the right path.  If nothing else, it would be an interesting hobby – but of course I’m hoping it will be much more than that.

Darling Mr. F keeps talking to me about “faith” and “taking the leap” and our crazy artist-life.  But I’m a worrier.  I wish I wasn’t, but I am.  I’m hoping someday I won’t be – but that day is not today.

Maybe tomorrow!


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