Taking a Leap

Today is the day. After months of talking and planning and praying, mediating and figuring things out with Mr. F – here we are.

The plan is to get me down to part time work so that I can focus on music full time. But that required one very important tool – a car.

We were saving up, searching, even got as far as making an offer on a car, but it didn’t pan out. Seems so easy- getting car. But for two working artists that is much easier said than done.

Then a phone call that changed things. A dear dear friend of mine had decided to move overseas for a few years, and would we do her the favor of buying her car??

For real?

And today is the day. I’m sitting in the DMV waiting my turn to transfer the title hoping that expressing my joy doesn’t somehow jinx the situation because this little piece of paper is a small window to artistic freedom. The first step of many. The step that continues the journey.

I cannot express my gratitude to my friend enough. Nothing I can say can match the feeling in my chest.

Thank you thank you thank you.



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