The Brag Goes On…

Okay.  I’ve gotten a lot of sleep over the last few days and treated myself to a massage and a pedicure.  I even did my hair today.  I dare say I may be human again after all.

So I’ll continue.

The other friend that moved away – far away – Hong Kong Away – is Tracy.  (Tracy is one of the handful of people who told me to blog more in as many days – so consider this gush part of your punishment -xoxo )

I found Tracy on Craigslist, believe it or not.  She answered an ad I had out looking for a new roommate.  I liked her immediately.  We became fast friends.  I was actually kind of sad when Mr. F and I needed to get our own place because I liked living with her so much.

Tracy is one of the bravest people I have ever met.  That is not to say she doesn’t experience fear – of course she does.  She’s a human being.  But she stays logical even in the face of fear and will not rush into a decision.  I have learned so much just being around her because while we have so many similarities, we are so very very different.

Tracy would rather have nothing than settle for anything.  And that goes for things as small as a share plate, to as medium-sized as the right shoulder bag, to as large as potential promotions, and partners.   That is not me at all.  Typically if the thing I want is not available I feel the need to chose one of the available options.  It had never even occurred to me that my choice could be “none of the above” until I met Tracy.

Tracy is this amazing soul who will take public transportation and hour and a half in one direction across the city just to get a sandwich she heard about.  And if it’s not that good, she’ll toss it.  She takes herself on vacations to Paris.  And Greece.  She has impeccable taste in food, clothing, and design (including refusing to speak to anyone who wears Toms).  She’s as comfortable in a Michelin Star Restaurant as she is in a Thrift Store.  If she takes you to one of her favorite restaurants just tell her to order for you – she’s already figured out the best thing on the menu.  And she’s right every time.  She has one of the best laughs in the world.  The kind where if you really get her going she stops making any noise at all and just gasps for breath.  She will kick your ass at Cards Against Humanity.

I have hauled a 12 foot Christmas Tree up two flights of stairs with this woman.  I have made midnight cupcakes with this woman.  I have quite literally sprinted across Rome with this woman.  We have cried in front of each other, and run stupid errands and modeled trampy shoes.  We made a souffle together that did not fall, and found the perfect recipe for oven roasted chicken.  We got drunk in November in Venice. (ooh!  Lyric!) We’ve danced and grown and gone through a LOT of changes.  Lit a lot of candles.  Watched a LOT of You Tube videos.

I admire her so much.  And I know she probably doesn’t see herself this way at all, which is why it’s all the more important to say.  Tracy, simply by existing, has taught me that I am worth it.  I am worth the perfect glass of wine after a long day.  I am worth taking a few extra days to make sure I get the song *just* right.  I am worth me spending extra effort on myself.  I LEARNED IT BY WATCHING YOU!!

And I am SO STINKIN’ PROUD  of you that your career path has now lead you overseas.  For ANOTHER year.  And I know I’ve said it out loud before, but I’m saying here in “ink” – part of my goal for my life is to have just enough money to keep globe trotting with you.  Cooking class in Morocco?  Count me in.  And you know I’m getting to Hong Kong as fast as I can.

I miss you lots, though.




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