In Reality, I’m a Totally Boring Person

Is what I always thought about myself. Hence the long lags between blog posts, and sometimes weeks of no updates on any social media. I didn’t feel like anything I really did was interesting to anyone.

However, the universe has sent multiple messages to me and I’ve decided to listen and try sharing more. I’m not going to worry about editing and composition so much – just write like I’m talking and see if that makes it easier to tell my stories.

So- this week for instance. While I have so many amazing acquaintances in my life I have a very small inner circle, and an even smaller number I would consider family. Around 6 of them. Two of them live nearish to me, the other 4 were in SF. Until this week. Three of them moved away – two to St. Paul, Minnesota and one to Hong Kong. The 4th one is on vacation in Mexico, but at least she’s coming back.

And my heart is broken. What is the likelihood of three of them all leaving the same WEEK? (Technically all 4) What are you trying to do to me, Universe? (Hides under bed)

So I want to gush about my family a little bit.

Lindasusan and Emily. I met Linda originally through music. She had built a songwriting group where we could all get together and talk shop. Emily, her wife, was equally fabulous and I fell in love with both of them. I met them fairly soon after I moved to CA, so I’m not going to go on with 13 years worth of stories (THIRTEEN YEARS!) but here are some of the highlights in no particular order…

– Linda giving me my very first chance to perform music I wrote. The Tunesmith Series at Luna Theatre. That was my debut as a songwriter. 🙂

– attending all three of their weddings (long story) and having the honor of being their double-maid-of-honor at the last one

– Emily driving across town with a bottle of rescue remedy and a library book about spiritual emergence when I thought I was quite literally going crazy

– Linda “stopping by” my apartment when I was kicking out my psycho ex boyfriend because she knew he wouldn’t make a scene if there was another person present.

– moving them from the Mission to The Richmond, and then to Ingelside
And now sadly to MN.

– Emily re-writing my resume to make me sound like a golden goddess even though I’d been out of the work force for a few years

– recording salsa piano on Linda’s album. So. Much. Fun.

– getting the excited call that they were getting a foster child placed with them (tears!!) and then when the adoption was final and they became a trio. Xoxoxo RJ!!

– the Alaska cruise. Getting attacked by a raven. Writing a song about it.

– making the most amazing list when Emily was going through a transition and couldn’t figure out what career path to choose. “Let’s figure out all the things you’re NOT”. Emily is not a plumber. Emily is not a venture capitalist…

– Linda officiating the most romantic wedding ever of me and Mr. F in our living room while it poured outside.

– going over to their house on a Sunday because Linda’s dad was in town and he wanted us to all play music together.

– both Linda and Emily being there during my huge life transition of accepting who I really am and all the tears that came with it. Leaving my ex husband, starting my life all over. Becoming the artist I am today. 4 years of living in The Tenderloin, and building myself up from scratch. I would absolutely not be the woman you know me to be today without those two incredible women. Not having them right THERE all the time is a very big shift for me.

Now I’ve gotten myself sad, so I’m going to brag on Tracy in another post.

Xoxo — Kat


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