Humble Pie



So I was super-excited starting in on the part-time work force last week.  I have a 20 hour a week position with a new up-start company that’s really low key and fun.  Mr. F had recently gotten in at a really great catering company and spoke so highly of it, I figured… why not?  I’ve got event experience and I don’t mind serving hors d’oeuvres, so I signed up as well.  I figured it would be good to have the option to pick up extra work here and there if I need to.

I worked my first catering event last night – and while, as I said, I have no issues serving people, I DO have issues with this:



So let me tell you.  I had a real “oh, how the mighty have fallen” moment when they pulled these shirts out.  I had been okay with being a cater-waiter after being a high level sales person for so many years. I had sort of been looking forward to wearing my new cute tie.  I had even made a special run downtown to have a vest as according to the dress code listed for the event.

And then THIS happened.  And let me tell you – this shirt is ridiculously tight on me. It may as well have been a sports bra. AND I had to wear my white dress shirt UNDER it, because we can’t let tattoos show. Oh yes, my friends.  I was a hottie.

The Oktoberfest theme of the evening was especially highlighted for me, as with my extreme t-shirt wearing and the blond hair oh so many of the inebriated guests enjoyed pointing out how “authentic” I looked.  “You really look German!” “um, thank you?” “That shirt is awesome!”  “is it?”

Humble pie, folks.  Humble pie.

Mr. F was working at another event and finished up before me – drove over and was waiting outside to pick me up when I headed down the stairs.  I still had the shirt on – he started laughing before I even got 20 feet from him.

It’s worth it though, right?  If I do that part time to do music full time?

I think it is… but barely.


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