Van Life

There are only 9 days left on the tour.  As much fun as I have had, I am ready to go home – we all are.  It’s been one hell of a journey to say the least.  It’s been tough.  A lot of nights of sleeping in the van, very few vegetables, not getting to bed until 7am, and the unforeseen van and equipment trouble.

Load-in at a venue might be anywhere between 4-7pm.  We arrive, we unload the trailer, we set up the stage, store gear.  The Mission Bells sets tend to be a bit earlier, so we’d play typically around 9 or 10pm.  The Memorials, with whom we are sharing gear, are the headliners which means they always perform last.  That could be anywhere between 10pm-1am.  After the Memorials are done it takes us about an hour to load the trailer back up, and depending on how far the next city is we may drive right then – typically leaving around 3:30am – or maybe there’s a place to crash, in which case we get there around 4am.

We spend a LOT of time in The Van.  I’ve read a couple of books.  I’ve written 5 sets of lyrics. I’ve slept.  I’ve listened to more reggae music than I’ve ever heard before in my life (thanks, guys).  Harry is our amazing driver who puts up with all the insanity, stays up all night getting us there safely, and helps us load the gear.  We could absolutely not do this without him.

We’ve been stamped, written on, and wrist-banded more times than I can even think of.

I’ve been asked multiple times who’s girlfriend I am, because it doesn’t occur to a lot of people that girls can also be in the band. { I’m already used to that, though, so that isn’t new.  🙂 }

We have shot two music videos and are working on a third.  We have met some of the coolest people. I have heard some amazing music.  I have seen the moon rise over the mountains.  I have been astounded by the kindness of strangers.  I have learned how to sleep with music on.  I have worn the same clothes 4 days in a row.  I have rocked out to crowds all over this nation – and it has been amazing.

Tomorrow we play Madison, WI – my family is coming and it will be great to see them all!  After that we’ve got Wichita, Denver, Seattle, Eugene, Reno, and Las Vegas.

What an amazing group of people this is! What an incredible experience.   Thank you, thank you Micah, Bren, Bryce, Nick and Harry.


After being gone for so long,  driving West has never felt so good!



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