Mission Bells

Van Life

There are only 9 days left on the tour.  As much fun as I have had, I am ready to go home – we all are.  It’s been one hell of a journey to say the least.  It’s been tough.  A lot of nights of sleeping in the van, very few vegetables, not getting to bed until 7am, and the unforeseen van and equipment trouble.

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On Tour: Mission Bells

So on July 11th I got a phone call from Thomas Pridgen referring me to a band called Mission Bells.  They would be coming along as opening support for The Memorials nation-wide tour.  I met with Micah later that evening and we talked through the tunes and the tour and all the logistics – seemed like it would be a pretty good fit, and strangely enough it landed right in the middle of a big open spot in my calendar between all my other traveling gigs.  The only part that would be tricky was that I already was leaving for the Bask Music Festival in Russian River – so that meant two rehearsals with the new band before I left for 5 days, then four rehearsals before our opening show.  At the time that seemed like a huge undertaking – but in truth by the second rehearsal after my return from the River I pretty much had the stuff down.

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