What the….wait, What??

So, shock of all shocks, I had a moment to myself tonight. (Dare I say a moment of Zen?)  Quiet, still.  In my already clean house.  I ordered some eggplant in garlic sauce while working on an arrangement of a new tune and I realized something.

I shot two (count ’em, 2! ) amazing music videos in the LAST MONTH.


I’ve been running around so crazy with the logistics and costumes and fight choreography rehearsals and production meetings – and don’t forget music rehearsals and piano students and traveling out of town for family events, that this incredible fact hadn’t even really sunk in at all.  Not until today when my muscles are screaming and I have one hell of a bruise on my knee…oh right, FIGHT choreography.  Because we shot a video.  RIIIIIGHT

I’m a few beats behind, apparently.

The part that really amazes and humbles me is that the people we were working with are these incredible, talented and able people.  Two different groups of people shooting two completely different songs – one from our first album, one from the second.  Two completely different feels, and different story lines.

And yes – I sat there in full makeup, in costume with playback blaring and a camera in my face.  And what did that feel like?  I’ll tell you what it felt like.  It felt like this: “holyshitthisisreallyhappeningiwrotethissongwhatthecrapamidoingheredon’tlaughdon’tlaugh

That’s what it felt like.

camera in our faces during “Purge” shoot. Bizarre sensation.

One part that I especially appreciated is that during both shoots, if there was a moment of downtime while the directors were setting up a shot (i know what that means now) or they were prepping a dolly ( i know what that means too) Mike and I would turn and look at each other and one of us would say “WHAT???”  and the other “Right??”   (translation: “are we seriously shooting a music video right now? is this who we are in this moment?”  response:  “hell yes. this is who we are. we are goddammed rock stars. However, I am equally shocked.” )  I love that we were both experiencing the same thing.

friday night “My Beloved” shoot – the fight scene

This last shoot that we just finished on Saturday around midnight-thirty was so labor intensive and had such a detailed storyline that our manager, Greg, got pulled into the “surreality”of it all as well.  He’d be off to the side watching the filming of a scene and when the director finally yelled “cut! take five!” he would walk up to us with our always-present bottle of whiskey and say “WHAT?”  to which  we would appropriately respond, “Right??”

shooting the fight scene Friday night – it was cold

We, as a team, are collectively really tired.  It has been a hell of an amazing and successful month.  We get to preview the first draft of  our “Purge” video at the end of this week, and we are so flippin excited to see what Sarah put together!

Sarah Dunham – Director of the “Purge” video. Brilliant Film Maker. Love her.

Blessed.  Now that I’m home and it’s quiet and I’ve gotten a little sleep I feel monumentally blessed.

Yay Art!!


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