Funny that I have to have a moment of downtime in a hotel room somewhere before I even have a moment to catch up on my blogging homework…

Here’s my End-o-May through June:

  • Memorial Day weekend fly to east coast for 5 days for wedding on the in-law side.
  • Fly home a day late (weather) and make final prep for “Purge” video shoot
  • Shoot “Purge” video first Saturday of June (went VERY well, BTW – here are rad pictures from the shoot)
  • Make final changes on copy/video/rewards/marketing plan for Kickstarter Campaign
  • Launch Sit Kitty Sit Kickstarter campaign on June 4, will run for 30 days
  • Saint of Ruin rehearsal – create late June/July recording schedule for new album
  • Begin endless emails for next Sit Kitty Sit video shoot that has 3x the logistics of the first shoot
  • Fly to Midwest for 5 days for celebration for my family
  • Prepare set lists/rehearsal schedules for both Bask Summer Music Festival and 4&20 Blackbird Festival
  • Schedule meetings and rehearsals for June 22&23 “My Beloved” video shoot
  • Try multiple anti-anxiety homeopathy options
  • Cry a little
  • Sleep on planes

Yeah.  So.

If you’re going to focus on any one of those things, please let it be the Kickstarter Campaign.  Sit Kitty Sit has created an AMAZING tour plan where we write a whole new album on the road and everything – I’m SO FLIPPING PROUD of the SKS team for putting this together!!  But truth is truth, and if we don’t raise 12K by July 4th, then we don’t get one dollar.  So please take a look – give what you can – and pass it along to more people.  This one is going to take a village.

That is literally all I have the energy for at the moment, but I do want to write more about what it was like to shoot the “Purge” video.  I will save that for another time.  So so so much more to read HERE and – stay tuned – obviously there is a LOT going on this Summahhhh…



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