Dear Music,

Dear Music,

It has been you and me as long as I can remember.  I remember you singing me to sleep inside my head while I sucked on my blanket, and whispering to me while I tinkered on my Mom’s piano, and hypnotizing me with the sound of the church choir.  I remember the first few times you made my body vibrate in that way you do when that chord progression is *just* right (chills!).  Anything I picked up you made it possible for me to play.  Any tune you sent I could immediately sing.  You and I walking together is so natural that I never gave it a second thought.  I thought everyone was like this.

And then I grew up.  I realized that you and I, and this relationship we have, would most likely mean I would always struggle.  Not with you, but with the “real world”.  And that made me turn on you.  I didn’t want to struggle.  Not THAT hard, anyway.  Hadn’t I already had enough heartbreak in my life?  Haven’t all of us?

So I quit.  I quit you over a hundred times.  There were letters, and tears, and screaming fits of rage…and you just sat there and took it and waited until I came around.   You knew I would always come around.  I wanted to NOT come around JUST to prove you wrong.

But I always came around.

So one night you and I had a long long talk.  And I told you I was scared to take the leap, and that I was scared of living so vulnerably ALLLL the time, and that on top of all that I was also scared of NOT doing those exact same things.  And you said it was natural to be scared.  And I asked if you would promise to stay so I didn’t have to go it alone, and you said “Where the Hell else would I go? Now shut up and go practice.”

(this is why we’re friends)

And here we are.  I have COMPLETELY changed my life.  Every aspect of it – so that you and I can see where this can go.  Today we’re climbing in a van with Mike and we’re leaving on a 3 week tour.  You and I, Music, we did that.  We got here.  It took a mighty village filled with a lot of loving faces to do it, but here it is.

It has been you and me as long as I remember.

Thank you for that.

All my Love,




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