Tectonic is Born!

I’m super pleased to announce that my newest album with Sit Kitty Sit, Tectonic, is finally here!    Two years in the making, this album encompasses all the huge personal growth both Mike and I have gone through since 2014.  I am so very proud of this album – everything.  The lyrics and music and the production quality as well.  I wrote a full blog on the Sit Kitty Sit website telling the story behind the album and all of the individual songs.   We recorded it with Rick Spagnola at Dog Water Studios in Reno, NV.  A fantastic, healing experience.

Tectonic_Cover_SquareYou can listen to it and read along with the lyrics right here on my website or you can also check it out on Bandcamp and iTunes – and most other places you download music because we’re fancy like that.

I’m happy for the album to be out finally because the logistics of putting out an album have kept me from being able to move forward with all the other creative projects I have stacked up in my head.  I’m very excited that as of this weekend and next week I’ll be able to really dive back into the creative process and start making new shit which is where my love really lies.  Yay!

My goal is to start having at least one new blog per month and ramping up to two – I’m putting that here so that you can all hold me accountable!   A big part of why I’m finally able to focus on the creative part of my job is because of the amazing team Sit Kitty Sit now has – Kari Devine our Director of Chaos (Manager),  Denise Barnack our Minister of Mischief (Press Relations and Shenanigans) and Barret Stolte on booking (Clever Title TBA).

The other main reason I now have time to create is due to the loving support I’m getting from my amazing patrons on Patreon.  I cannot thank you all enough – you have truly changed my life and I am going to finally get all these projects out of my head and into reality!!  XOXOXOXOXOXO  –Kat


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