Paper Doll Music Video

The first single, “Paper Doll”, off of Sit Kitty Sit’s upcoming album Tectonic came out on Tuesday, April 17th.   I really really love the finished product:

I did all the makeup myself.  I LOOOOOOOOVE doing crazy makeup and I can’t believe it never occurred to me to use that skill for a music video before.  Mike’s makeup alone took a solid hour to do (and looks fantastic if I do say so myself).   My marionette face took about 45 minutes to do and my big clown-mouth face took about 20 minutes.

We had a blast making each other crack up between takes.

Watching the finished product of this video inspired an idea for another — bonus!

The full album, Tectonic, comes out on May 4, 2018.  Help us spread the word by sharing this video near and far!   xoxo –Kat



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