Kat Downs

Head of Revelations (2005)

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Dark Diary  (not yet released)

Sit Kitty Sit

The Push (2010)

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Beautiful/Terrible (2012)

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Also heard on:

True Margrit Seaworthy – vocals/flute (2005)

Mark Steuervant Dreams that Rhyme – flute (2005)

Contra Costa Songwriters Group (compilation)  The Secret – Song “Closer to Dawn” (2006)

True Margrit The Jugglers Progress – vocals (2009)

Lindasusan The Consequences of Seeing in the Dark – piano/vocal (2009)

Tokyo Raid Tokyo Raid – organ (2009)

Tokyo Raid Classic Diversion/Room (Single) – piano/organ (2011)

Saints of Ruin Glampyre – vocals/synth (2011)

Saints of Ruin Elevatis Velum – vocals/synth (2013)

Additional Credits:

Sparrows Point Apocalypse – Touring Keyboardist (2004)

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