Space Cowboy

I knew it would happen – I was cruising through all this music because I knew at some point my ears would say “no.”  And it happened.   And then I turned into a space cadet, which is what happens when I go into phase 2 of my writing process.  And then I went into writing mode and spit about 3 songs.  So I’ve been chipping away at The List since then.  I’m not giving up though – the goal still stands.  I just need to get a move on is all.  I can do this. (She says to convince herself if no one else)

(If any of you are just joining us, I’m in the process of listening to 100 albums before my birthday.  You can start here.)

Onward —

Bob Dylan: Blonde on Blonde
First time listen.
Huh.  That’s what kept happening in my head; “Huh.”  Poetry over music.  Vaguely made me think of Leonard Cohen.  I am trying to tune in, but there’s something about this that makes my ears start to let go when I hear the songs all back to back.  They just start to sound like a sing-songy jumble.  What in the world?  Experiment:  about 3/4ths of the way through the record I turned off the music and went online to look up some of the lyrics.  I was compelled to read them separate from the music.  And yes – poetry.  They sink in much better for me as poetry, which means the melodies are what is making my ears shut off.   I’ve run into this before.  I tend to lean toward music that challenges me in some way – or moves in ways that my ears find unexpected.  This music does not do that, which is why it starts to jumble together.  But – I love the way he writes and I will read read read read – luckily, he has an online library.

The Clash: London Calling
First time listen.  When I hear this I see a dark small club covered in band stickers.  I smell old beer smell.  It’s 1:30 in the morning and I’m already losing my voice from a combination of yell-talking to my friends, screaming at the band, and 17 layers of smoke in a room with no windows.  Lots of black eyeliner.  Making out with a stranger in the corner.  In short – one of my happy places.  🙂  Which may mean that The Clash is one of my happy places.  Wow.  Can’t believe I never knew that.  Happy dance!

The Beach Boys: Pet Sounds
First time listen.  I have to say I was initially really surprised when I started looking up lists that a Beach Boys album was always in the top 5 if not the top 3.  And now I can absolutely see why.  Holy crap – this record is flat out just a work of art.  I wasn’t expecting it because I really only listened to the Beach Boys on the radio.  Or from that one rad scene in Teen Wolf where MJF rides the top of the truck during Surfin’ USA.  I didn’t expect a work of art from the Surfin’ USA guys.  But that’s what this is.  I want to listen to it about 20 more times.

AC/DC: Back in Black
First time listen.  Of course I’ve heard Back in Black, You Shook Me All Night Long, and Hells Bells before.  I knew I liked those songs already so I just went ahead and bought this album.  I’ve been on an AC/DC kick lately anyway.  Not in the least disappointed.  I freaking love this record.  I love that you can listen to it from the other room and you never have to guess what the title of the song is.  I love that it’s just good. solid. rock and roll.  The end.  No bells.  No whistles.

Elton John: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
First time listen.   Here’s another album that caught me off guard.  Although, it’s Elton John, so I probably should have seen it coming.   From knowing Benny and the Jets and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, I was expecting the rest of the record to be similar.  NOPE.  Epic.  Giant.  Orchestrations. Mind-twistingly beautiful.  He could have retired after this record and would still be a legend.  That’s how good it is.  My. God.  This is going on rotation.

Sly and the Family Stone: There’s a Riot Goin’ On
First time listen.  I don’t believe I’ve heard any of these tunes before.  As fate would have it, this was exactly what I needed when I turned it on.  It instantly made me calm the eff down and just chill for about half an hour.  Glorious.  Can I just take a minute to say HELLO “SPACE COWBOY” – yodeling over funk music?  Yes please.

Miles Davis: Bitches Brew
First time listen.  One long psychedelic jazz trip.  Thrilled to hear a bass clarinet in there.  I need to approach this album again when I’m really effed up.  Truth.  It made my painfully sober brain feel painfully sober.  Sober. Sober. Sober.   It’s on the list for the next time I down a bottle of wine and want to do nothing but lay in the middle of the living room floor.

Guns N Roses: Appetite for Destruction
First time listen.  Beyond the three that were on the radio that is.  Who doesn’t love Welcome to the Jungle,  Paradise City, and Sweet Child o’ Mine?  No one.  That’s who.  I want to drive while I listen to this album.  Fast.  On an empty road.   I do have to say that on some of the lesser known songs, the lyrics are a lot weaker.  Some really forced rhymes that are sometimes almost silly.  I’m a lyrics-lady, though, so that might just be a me thing.   Def will listen to again.

Radiohead: OK Computer
First time listen.  Kind of a long story, but once upon a time I bought a computer from a nice girl off of Craigslist and as an added bonus, she left all her music on it.  She had completely different music taste from me, which made it kind of fun.  Including 7 Radiohead albums.  I ended up getting hung up on In Rainbows and never made it to this one even though it’s been in my library for years and years.  How sad.  Talk about something beautiful being right under your nose.  I was surprised when Karma Police came up – this song has shown up in so many shuffles I’ve made based on other songs I love.  I was really blown away by this one.  No way I can talk in more detail than “I need to listen to this on repeat for a week.”

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Chronicles Vol. 1
Sort of a first time listen.  I knew a lot of the songs, but not all of them.  I mean, c’mon.  It’s Creedence.  It’s humid nights driving through the south.  It’s fireflies and kegs and bonfires.  It’s dancing in sweaty roadhouse with the person you’ve had your eye on all night.  It’s the radio cranked with the windows down.  It’s effing Creedence.  There is no more to say.

So that’s ten more, and enough for now.  I’ll keep plugging away at it bit by bit!


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