To the Grindstone

As expected, we are in day 19 of the New Year and it really is pushing me to my absolute limit.

After doing some writing I realized the best way I could take care of myself amid the mayhem would be to surround myself with positive energy.  Beautiful words, beautiful sounds, positive messages, positive people.  Yoga.  Fuzzy animals.  Manicures.  Mantras.  Soup.

Sadly, as I was perusing my music selection trying to put together “Kat’s (Doing it Anyway Even Though I want to Cry in a Pile) Positive Energy Playlist” I could not find the kind of tunes I was looking for.

So, instead, I wrote some.  I love them all madly and have had them on repeat for over a week already.

This is my favorite (so far) and I wanted to share it today.  I hope wherever you are, it helps you find a happy, peaceful, safe space… if only for about four minutes.






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