How I Learned to Let Go

I find myself sitting here at the close of the year feeling a little more empty than I expected. It’s not an entirely unpleasant feeling. I know part of that was losing my orange cat-buddy, Colin, very suddenly in mid-October.  Part of it is that I physically downsized my personal belongings a lot over the last year.  But the biggest part of that emptiness is the space left open from the old fears and emotional weight I’ve decided to (finally) let go.

Letting go has been challenging for me for – well, forever.

I’m a double Virgo (control freak) so the fact that I couldn’t just grasp the concept and immediately move on drove me nuts.  That is why I’ve been working on this concept, in particular, this past year.

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Purging The Shoulds


That fucking word.  I swear to Christ.

It haunts us with things left undone. With potential.  An endless stream of what-ifs, could-haves, and maybes that meld into a theatrical chorus of “You are not good enough as you are”.

I’m not talking about positive self-improvement.  I’m talking about those twisted voices whose only purpose is to torment.  We all have them.

“The Shoulds”.
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I’m Ready to Talk Now

Because I understand multiple points of view, it takes me a while to figure out how I feel about things.  I’ve always seen this as a weakness because in debates I am not able to respond quickly.  And I can’t just blurt out whatever comes to mind because I also come with this self-edit-function that won’t allow me to stand up for something unless I know it’s true to ME.

And I wanted to sit on this until I knew I was saying my truthiest truth.

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Reflections on “When God Closes a Door”

I turned on The Sound of Music today to keep my head occupied while I started reorganizing my living space (a fall tradition).

It’s one of my favorite movies.  One of the things I really like about it is that every time I watch it, something else pops out at me.  Today’s thing was Maria’s reoccurring line:

“When God closes a door, somewhere He opens a window”

I surprised myself by responding, “Yeah, I don’t think that’s always true.”

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New Year – New Project

As always, there are so many things bouncing around my head, my life, my space… Sit Kitty Sit leaves for another six week tour in a short 12 days and as usual my mind races with “how will we get it all done?”  But we always do – even if it’s by the skin of our teeth.  haha!

That said – I’m also launching a whole new project.  One I’m very proud of!  I’ve not shared much of my day-to-day outside of Sit Kitty Sit very much besides the occasional personal blog, and that is something I want to change.  So I’ve built a page for myself on Patreon.

Patreon is a crowd funding site with a twist – unlike Kickstarter or IndieGoGo where you look for one-time funding for a project, Patreon creates an ongoing relationship with the people who support you.   Which for me, is the best part!  Here’s the little video I made so you can check it out.    xoxoxoxox –kat

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To the Grindstone

As expected, we are in day 19 of the New Year and it really is pushing me to my absolute limit.

After doing some writing I realized the best way I could take care of myself amid the mayhem would be to surround myself with positive energy.  Beautiful words, beautiful sounds, positive messages, positive people.  Yoga.  Fuzzy animals.  Manicures.  Mantras.  Soup.

Sadly, as I was perusing my music selection trying to put together “Kat’s (Doing it Anyway Even Though I want to Cry in a Pile) Positive Energy Playlist” I could not find the kind of tunes I was looking for.

So, instead, I wrote some.  I love them all madly and have had them on repeat for over a week already.

This is my favorite (so far) and I wanted to share it today.  I hope wherever you are, it helps you find a happy, peaceful, safe space… if only for about four minutes.