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She’s a Total Blam-Blam…and other revelations

For those of you following along at home, I’m in the process of educating myself in the realm of rad rad music by listening to the Top 100 Albums of all time by mid-September.

Already, this is more music than I’ve listened to in probably the last 5 years put together.  I’ve realized that I really don’t ever just sit down and listen to a whole album.  Or very rarely.  So this has been really fun.  Some days I just have to walk away because I feel like my brain/ears/heart will explode.

Secretly I’m curious to see if doing this project will change my own songwriting process.  Part of the reason I think I don’t sound like anyone in particular is that I never listened to anyone before. I really just write what I hear in my head.  We’ll see if this changes that.

After the first post I was all caught up, so now I’m actually writing these while I’m listening to them, which is way more entertaining.  For me, at least.


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Sit Kitty Sit

How to Play to an Empty Room

It happens more often than you might think.  Especially when you’re playing in a brand new city.  Maybe they didn’t book a local band, or maybe they cancelled at the last second.  Maybe you’re playing on a Monday, or the venue down the street has a huge sold out show.  Or maybe you only got the gig about a day ago. Or the venue forgot you were coming, or…or…or…

At times during an interview, or when I’m chatting with someone I’ll get the question “what’s your one piece of advice for musicians just starting out?”

It’s a legit question.  Typically I’ve spouted some kind of “do it because you love it” or “just don’t quit” type comments, which are kind of lame pieces of advice, but now I finally feel like I have a legit answer. What’s my piece of advice for musicians starting out?

“Learn how to play to an empty room”
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It’s NOT Highlander, People.

“There can be only one”

If you are a fan, you will recognize that signature phrase from the cult classic, Highlander.

As big of a nerd as I am, I actually got into the Highlander TV show well before I saw the movie.  It happened to be on cable when I got done with class most days my junior year in college.  The perfect time to max out in front of the TV and pile through a whole bag of sour cream and cheddar potato chips because in college you have a hyper-metabolism and can get away with that sort of thing…

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Humble Pie



So I was super-excited starting in on the part-time work force last week.  I have a 20 hour a week position with a new up-start company that’s really low key and fun.  Mr. F had recently gotten in at a really great catering company and spoke so highly of it, I figured… why not?  I’ve got event experience and I don’t mind serving hors d’oeuvres, so I signed up as well.  I figured it would be good to have the option to pick up extra work here and there if I need to.

I worked my first catering event last night – and while, as I said, I have no issues serving people, I DO have issues with this:



So let me tell you.  I had a real “oh, how the mighty have fallen” moment when they pulled these shirts out.  I had been okay with being a cater-waiter after being a high level sales person for so many years. I had sort of been looking forward to wearing my new cute tie.  I had even made a special run downtown to have a vest as according to the dress code listed for the event.

And then THIS happened.  And let me tell you – this shirt is ridiculously tight on me. It may as well have been a sports bra. AND I had to wear my white dress shirt UNDER it, because we can’t let tattoos show. Oh yes, my friends.  I was a hottie.

The Oktoberfest theme of the evening was especially highlighted for me, as with my extreme t-shirt wearing and the blond hair oh so many of the inebriated guests enjoyed pointing out how “authentic” I looked.  “You really look German!” “um, thank you?” “That shirt is awesome!”  “is it?”

Humble pie, folks.  Humble pie.

Mr. F was working at another event and finished up before me – drove over and was waiting outside to pick me up when I headed down the stairs.  I still had the shirt on – he started laughing before I even got 20 feet from him.

It’s worth it though, right?  If I do that part time to do music full time?

I think it is… but barely.